What Is Turkish Towel • Peshtamal ?

Peshtemal (or pestemal) is a unique, multipurpose towel with over 600 years of history coming from Anatolia. It has been a tradition in Turkish baths for centuries. Peshtemal towels are super absorbent, dry quickly, light in weight, easy to carry and take up little space. It is a perfect choice if you prefer to pack lightly when travelling. It can be used at the beach, bath, Spa, pool, sauna and sports – the choice is yours!

Peshtemals come in different styles and colors. Traditional peshtemal towels are made of 100% cotton, produced in hand-woven looms in Turkey. Buldano peshtemals still produced in the same way as they have been for centuries.

Our Story

Buldano is a American, Turkish Hammam Towel (peshtemal) manufacturer. The company’s focus is selling the best quality and selective home products and 100% customer satisfaction.
Buldano peshtemal towels are hand-woven by local crafters near Denizli area in Turkey. We mostly use traditional Turkish bath towel patterns on our products to present you the Anatolian peshtemal towel culture but of course trying to follow the fashion to give you best colourful and stylish options.
After years of experience in wholesale home textiles industry, we wanted to make something different. We wanted to be different than the millions of other Turkish towel brands, or private labeler and offer our customers what is the best. we focused on the quality, satisfaction.



I would like some milk in my tea please

5th year anniversary… Buldano UK is opening in London with a new, creative and hardworking team.

More wholesale, more brand awareness, more investment.

Started Buldano small business support program. If you grow, we grow! We focus more on wholesale and investing on more inventory for immediate shipments.

It is a must! We have to make it better!

We had a meeting with the team at Fedo Irish Pub on 7th St. Washington, DC. One of the places you can feel the Dublin breeze! Numbers, research and brain storming… “What about kids clothing” – throws… – table clothes… – maybe we need more robes? – Pillow covers? and..Read More

Nautical Collection is here!

Buldano famous stripes now are little bit different. Nautical style was a hit for Nautical lifestyle. We also announced Buldano roundies. A round Turkish towel.

Do you have anything smaller?

We listed and started offering small size Turkish towels. They are actually called ‘peşkir’ in Turkey. Cool mini towels that can be used as a hand towel, dish towel, tea towel, fitness towel. You name it!

Here are Buldano robes.

We introduced light weight Turkish robes made of Turkish towels.

DC – We always love you…

We feel we are DC based because DC is not only a city. It is our first love, first kiss and what makes us Buldano. Buldano moved to Maryland, good news: company is growing… We need more space.

Beautiful City; Washington, DC.

In the heart of our nation’s capital, our journey has begun…  With private events and spreading the word; “Not your ordinary towel” Educating people about what Turkish towel is, and what makes our brand different. Yes, we had only Turkish towels at that time.

Buldano Towels Are