Nautical Collection is here!

Buldano famous stripes now are little bit different. Nautical style was a hit for Nautical lifestyle. We also announced Buldano roundies. A round Turkish towel.

Do you have anything smaller?

We listed and started offering small size Turkish towels. They are actually called ‘peşkir’ in Turkey. Cool mini towels that can be used as a hand towel, dish towel, tea towel, [...]

DC – We always love you…

We feel we are DC based because DC is not only a city. It is our first love, first kiss and what makes us Buldano. Buldano moved to Maryland, good news: company is growing… We need more space.

Beautiful City; Washington, DC.

In the heart of our nation’s capital, our journey has begun…  With private events and spreading the word; “Not your ordinary towel” Educating people about what Turkish [...]